Palm fruit oil press
Generally, continuous screw oil press is used. It has a horizontal box with a hole, in the shape of 8-figure cross type, there are two screws, the box slag outlet has a school cake head, it can control the pressure to ensure that the residual oil in the cake is minimum, and can also make the kernel broken rate adjusted to a reasonable range. Under the action of spiral pressure, the fat is separated from the pulp tissue and the fried cake is extruded from the head, containing the fruit core (not broken palm kernel oil), the liquid part is discharged from the lower mouth, filtered and sent to the butterfly centrifugal machine to obtain the crude palm oil, filtered and sent to the butterfly centrifugal separator to obtain the crude palm oil. The oil palm fruit is divided into two parts after pressing: a mixture of oil, water and solid impurities; The oil yield of fiber and fruit pit was calculated according to the fresh palm fruit string, palm oil was 20% and crude palm kernel oil was 2%. Palm oil is orange-red, semi-liquid oil. Surface density 50℃ : 0.8896-0.8910, saponification value: (mgkoh/g oil) 190-202, iodine value (gz2/100g);


The palm fruit intelligent oil press,which was researched and developed by R & D team of FFB Business Dept. From Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd. was developed successfully and passed pilot production. This equipment has the characteristics of large processing capacity, high pressing efficiency, low residual oil rate in cake, low palm nut crushing rate, low cost, convenient operation, and easy disassembly and maintenance, and it fills the domestic gap.