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The complete set palm oil processing machine includes palm oil extraction process(how palm oil is extracted), palm kernel oil extraction process and palm oil/palm kernel oil refining process.Oil palm is an important tropic oil seed plant. The palm oil content is very high: common fresh fruit :45~50% , palm kernel :50~55%. As professional manufacturer of palm oil processing machine , we can supply complete set palm oil mill plant, complete set palm kernel oil mill plant and complete set palm oil/ palm kernel oil refinery and fractionation plant.

Main station of palm oil extraction process( Whether it is a small scale palm oil extraction machine or large scale palm oil extraction machine all includes the following station) :Palm fruit reception station;Palm fruit sterilizing station;Palm fruit threshing station;Palm fruit digesting & pressing station;Crude palm oil clarification station;Palm nut and fiber separating station;Palm kernel recovery station;

Palm kernel oil production machine is a kind of mechanical oil extraction process.Palm kernel oil production machine is suitable for both small and large palm kernel oil mill plant. The complete set of palm kernel oil production machine includes palm kernel oil pretreatment and press machine ,palm kernel cake solvent extraction plant and palm kernel oil refinery machine.