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Palm oil soap production line

Process Description

Palm oil is a classic homemade soap making ingredient that allows soap makers to create a hard, white bar of soap that produces a rich and creamy lather. Palm oil can also be used for making homemade lotions, lip products, face and body scrubs, and in other bath and body formulations. This oil is sold by volume and not weight, however, one gallon weighs approximately 7.5 lbs.

The technological process of soap production includes refining, saponification, salting out, washing, and alkali precipitation before it can be produced into soap. You can buy soap grains (soap mud) from large factories, using a soap production line, mainly composed of three-stick grinder, semi-finished product conveyor, double-screw vacuum stripping machine, vacuum pump, soap roll printing and cutting machine and other equipment components. block, print, pack, and finally produce qualified soap. Palm oil is one of the raw materials commonly used in soap making. The process of making soap from palm oil involves heating palm oil to a liquid state, adding sodium hydroxide, and stirring until the mixture thickens. Next, the mixture is poured into molds and allowed to cool and solidify. Finally, the soap is removed from the mold and cut into the desired shape.Palm oil is a common ingredient in soap making. It is normally used with coconut oil to help stabilize the lather and produce a hard bar of soap with stable lather. Palm oil is part of the palmitic family of oils which are solid at room temperature and help produce a hard bar with stable lather.

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Huatai Group can undertake medium and large palm oil  production lines, and can design, develop, produce, and install a full set of medium and large palm kernel oil production lines. We can provide you with a complete set of turnkey projects from process design, equipment layout, civil engineering planning and design, automation control, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning to personnel training, after-sales service, etc., to solve various problems in the construction and production process for you in all aspects.

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