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Palm Oil Refinery equipment is the main oil machinery and equipment to ensure the quality, grade and edible safety of oil in the processing process. In the process of oil refining, different oils use different processes. How to determine which process is used for oil? The choice of oil refining process can be Follow the four principles.

Basing on the traditional Palm Oil Refining technology, our company has developed the latest combined packing layer plate deodorization soft tower and the physical and chemical mixed refining technology for crude oil of any quality. Moreover, a series of advanced technology and equipment are used, such as super wet degumming, bleaching earth automatic metering, negative pressure decoloring, high vacuum steam jet deodorization, deacidification, winterization etc. With advanced technology, superior equipment, full-automatic control and excellent economic and technical parameters, our equipment can meet customers’different capacity palm oil refining requirements at home and abroad.

1. Degumming and Deacidification Section:

Palm oil degumming and deacidification section uses washing method to separate soap residual from mixing oil, providing preparation for next step palm oil refinery process.

2. Bleaching Section:

Palm oil bleaching section is mainly used to remove oil pigment, residual soap and metal ions during palm oil milling process.

3. Deodorization Section:

Palm oil deodorization section composes of part of crude palm mill processing equipment. It plays important part in improving oil quality after crude palm oil process.

If you are planning to invest in a palm oil factory and have limited budget, some machines that can be replaced to save equipment cost. For detailed PKO project solution, you are welcome to contact us and tell us your needs. Our professional engineer team will help you make the best project solution and also offer the best price.We are committed to providing cost effective machinery and
equipment which conform to the international quality standards, provides turnkey palm oil project including process design, palm oil machine manufacturing,installation, commissioning and training services. So far, Henan Huatai has successfully installed many palm oil mill plant projects in Africa.

What is the yield of crude palm oil?

After experimental studies, the oil yield of tons of crude palm oil is about 20%-23%. Of course, the oil yield is not fixed, it is affected by many factors, such as the ripeness of the palm fruit, the size and quality of the fruit, the method and time of harvesting, etc. Therefore, in actual operation, it must be adjusted according to the actual situation. The oil content of palm oil extracted from the fruit varies from 17% to 27%, while the kernel varies from 4% to 10%.

Palm yield

136 palm trees/Ha=20-23t FFB/Ha/year


CPKO = 0.55 t/Ha/year


FFB= 20% CPO; 2.5% CPKO

High oil output rate

Cost analysis of processing 10 tons /H palm fruit

Ingredients:Palm fruit skewers, containing about 65% palm fruit (of which about 52% palm pulp, about 13% palm kernel)
Oil yield:About 26%, of which the residual oil rate is about 6%
Processing capacity:10 tons/hour, 8 hours per day
Power consumption:20kw/h

If your palm fruit processing capacity is about 1-5 tons/hour, you can choose the standard configuration of palm oil production line equipment, mainly by the fermentation tank, fruit extractor, mashing tank, palm oil press, rotary sieve and plate and frame filter and other equipment, the investment is generally from hundreds of thousands to millions, mostly suitable for medium-sized palm oil processing plants.

Feasibility analysis of investment in palm oil processing plant:

Investment in palm oil processing plants has a stable and broad market development prospects, mainly reflected in the palm oil processing raw materials sufficient, large market demand, and large profit margins.

1, Palm fruit raw materials are sufficient

The palm fruit tree is a long-term crop with four flowering and fruiting seasons. It can provide a stable and continuous supply of raw materials for palm fruit processing, and the yield per hectare of palm fruit is 5 times higher than that of peanuts in the same area, and 9 times higher than that of soybeans. People who have seen oil palm trees know that the fruit of oil palm trees is very rich, a large string, the fruit is orange red when ripe, and the average weight of each string can reach more than 100 pounds. In addition, the growth cycle of oil palm trees is perennial, blooming and bearing fruit all year round, and can harvest several times a year. And not only the fruit, the peel can also be used to press oil, so the oil yield per unit area of palm oil is also quite high. It requires very little to grow an oil palm tree, a tropical fruit tree that can survive in Asia, the Americas, and Africa. As long as the external environment meets its growth, it will seize resources and strive to grow at all costs.

2, Palm oil market demand is large

At present, the palm oil imported from China is mainly used in the processing of composite edible oil, because of its low boiling point, many are used in the processing of instant noodles and biscuits. Palm oil also has many uses in the catering, food industry and oil and grease chemical industry. Palm oil is currently the world’s largest vegetable oil production, consumption and international trade volume, accounting for 30% of the world’s total oil consumption. This means that the market demand for palm oil is very high.

3, Palm oil has large profit margins

The net profit and rate of return on the production investment of palm oil processing plants are often the focus of our attention and one of the main criteria to measure the development prospects of palm oil projects. The net profit margin of palm oil is about 5% higher than that of soybean oil and peanut oil.

Palm oil refining

Strength of Huatai palm oil machinery

Huatai Machinery is a China leading palm oil processing machine manufacturer and supplier, offering the factory price equipment and palm oil production process design at low cost, have set up multiple palm oil mill projects with customized production process in Africa. Palm oil production process design is the design of the entire production process flow from palm fruit bunches to finished palm oil, designing the palm oil processing flow, we must ensure the advanced and scientific process.

We are the largest grain oil processing, palm oil processing, starch processing, protein processing equipment manufacturer in Asia. We can provide you with a complete set of equipment design and production solutions for medium and large palm oil mill.

We can provide you diffrent solution for palm oil fruit oil, FFB processing, palm kernel oil,  palm fruit oil and palm kernel oil use different processes, and we can provide you with different production equipment according to your requirements..

Henan Huatai oil processing equipment sold in more than 30 provinces and cities in China and exported to the Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania Ghana Zambia Namibia Côte d’Ivoire Congo Kenya Japan, Korea, Bolivia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Uzbekistan Ukraine,Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Rwanda, , Peru Argentina Venezuela more than 130 countries and regions.You can ask our regional managers if there are agents in your country or region.

According to the different needs of customers, as well as your land area, production requirements, material requirements, etc., we will make different plans for you, and you need to further communicate with our business managers and engineers.

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