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Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery can provide you with small palm oil equipment. Small palm oil processing plants generally refer to palm oil production lines with a daily production capacity of less than 50 tons.

Our small palm oil processing plants are divided into two types by processing capacity. One is a mini palm oil processing plant with a processing capacity of 0.5 to 1 ton per hour. The other is a small palm oil processing plant with a processing capacity of 1 -5tph.

Oil pressing plant from palm fruit basically includes: fruit threshing, sterilizing / digesting, oil pressing and filtering. Among all these processing sections, oil pressing and filtering must be done by professional facilities (palm oil extractor and oil filter press), while the other sections can be selected depending on your needs and financial status. It is certainly that a complete palm oil mill has higher automatic degree and needs fewer labor.

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