Palm kernel oil extraction process description:
The process of palm kernel oil extraction includes crushing, rolling, steaming and pressing. Its production process and equipment are similar to general oil. Fresh palm kernel oil is milky or yellowish and has a solid consistency with a pleasant walnut flavor, but it breaks down quickly in storage and takes on a spicy flavor. Palm kernel oil contains a large amount of low-grade fatty acids (lauric acid), which is very different from palm oil, while it is very similar to coconut oil in every way
1. Treatment of fruit cores and nucleolus
Treatment of fruit nucleus and nucleolus includes: fruit nucleus conditioning; The fruit pit is broken; Separation of nucleocapsid and nucleolus; The nucleolus is dry.
(1) Fruit core softening and conditioning. The kernel directly separated from the kernel and fiber material separator is usually hot, and the kernel generally adheres to the core shell. If the kernel is broken, many of the kernel will break and a large number of kernel will still adhere to the core shell. In order to better break the kernel and reduce the kernel content in the shell, the kernel must be dried first, so that the kernel no longer sticks to the shell, and the cooled kernel is then broken.
(2) Broken fruit pit. The softened fruit stone can be broken, and the broken nucleus is divided into two or more pieces, and the kernel is released. The core crusher is almost centrifugal, the core first obtains the speed in the rotary crusher, and then throws to a fixed ring to achieve the purpose of crushing. The newly introduced crusher is the ripple crusher, which consists of a squirrel cage balance gyrator and two semicircular corrugated disks, the performance of the ripple crusher mainly depends on the speed and clearance of the gyrator and the speed of the gyrator to the stone. It is said that the greatest advantage is that the stone does not need to be softened.
(3) Separation of shell and nucleolus
The separation methods are divided into dry separation and wet separation. Wet separation is often used. The so-called wet separation method is to use the different specific gravity of brown shell and brown kernel to separate the two in a certain proportion of mud water. The device used is a hydrocyclone, whose working principle is similar to that of a cyclone. The relative density of the wet nucleolus is about 1.07, and the relative density of the core shell is 1.17. In the mud with a relative density of 1.12, the nucleolus will rise and the core shell will sink. Sometimes, salt water (specific gravity 1.130) or dilute syrup can be used as a suspension for separation.
(4) Dry nucleoli.
Fresh nucleoli generally contain 20% water, and the water content of nucleoli needs to be reduced to below 7%, so that palm kernels can be safely stored and transported without mildew.

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