Why is it better to keep palm oil before it is processed?
The oxidation can be controlled indirectly by the removal of iron in the preparation of oil. At the same time, pay attention to the control of all environmental conditions that promote the oxidation of oil. Regular cleaning of conveyor and elevator; Prevent oil contamination from soil and debris brought by planting fields. Do not use copper, brass, bronze accessories to prevent contact with copper and oil. The reason is that copper is a strong oxidizing agent. Keep the temperature as low as possible without interfering with the extraction of oil. At the same time, try to expose the oil to less air.
Palm oil has those requirements on storage tanks during storage
During storage, a freezer can be installed behind the vacuum drying section of the factory to reduce the temperature of the oil to 45-50 ° C before entering the storage tank. After the oil is filled into the tank, the tank is filled with inert gases (carbon dioxide, nitrogen). Some antioxidants can also be added to the oil to passivate trace metals to eliminate oxidation during oil storage. In addition, when the oil is stored in a large container, the oxidation can also be controlled, and the oil splash during loading and unloading can be reduced.

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