The equipment used in the production of palm kernel oil mainly includes fiber and nuclear separation equipment, nuclear grading and screening equipment, kernel shell separator, crusher, steaming pan, palm kernel oil press, plate and frame filter, etc.
Fiber and nuclear separation equipment:
Fiber and nuclear separation equipment is composed of an impeller separator, a transmission mechanism, a slag discharge mechanism, etc., which uses the difference in the specific gravity of palm fiber and palm core to separate the palm core. This facilitates the processing of subsequent processes and also reduces the wear and tear on the equipment.
Nuclear grading screen equipment:
The nuclear classification screen equipment is composed of screen box, vibration motor, spring and other components, which uses vibration generated by vibration motor and spring to divide palm nuclei with different qualities into large nuclei and small nuclei. It has the characteristics of small volume and convenient operation, which is conducive to the adequate processing of palm cores of different sizes when the kernel and shell are separated.
Palm Kernel shell separator:
Kernel shell separator is a device that breaks palm cores of different sizes by adjusting different parameters, and then separates them according to the difference between the shell of palm kernel and the quality of palm kernel. It has the characteristics of simple operation, small footprint and high degree of automation, which facilitates the processing of subsequent processes and reduces the wear of the equipment.
Roller crusher:
Roller crusher is a kind of equipment which is composed of roller wheel, roller wheel supporting bearing, pressing and adjusting device and so on. It has the characteristics of small footprint, compact structure, simple operation, etc. Through the crushing of palm kernel, the grain size of palm kernel becomes smaller and the contact area becomes larger, which is conducive to the transfer of temperature and water in the subsequent process.
Drum steamer:
The drum steaming pan is mainly composed of a frame, a hopper, a cylinder, a fire shield, etc. By steaming and frying the broken palm kernel at high temperature, the temperature, moisture and humidity of the palm kernel are adjusted to make the broken palm kernel reach a better state before pressing. It has the characteristics of simple operation and small footprint.
Palm kernel oil Press:
The palm kernel oil press is mainly composed of frame, hopper, gearbox, pressing chamber, pressing screw and other components. It is a device that squeegee the oil in palm kernel by pressing the screw continuously. The palm kernel oil press is a palm kernel oil press equipment specially designed by Henan Guorui Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. according to the characteristics of palm kernel. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain and has a high degree of automation.
Plate and frame filter:
The plate and frame filter is composed of a filter frame, a filter plate and a filter cloth. It is mainly used to remove solid suspended impurities in palm kernel oil, which solves the problems of difficult filtration and slag removal of palm kernel oil in the production process. It has the characteristics of easy operation, less filtrate loss and so on.Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd supply palm kernel oil press, palm kernel oil extraction process, palm kernel oil mill plant, any need please email to [email protected]