The purpose of palm fruit sterilization:
a. It destroys the activity of lipase in the pulp tissue;
b. The fruit is easy to separate from the fruit bunches, and the fruit becomes soft and easy to mash, which increases the humidity of the fruit, so it is easy to extract oil;
c. Prevent enzyme decomposition to prevent free fatty acid content from increasing;
d. It also makes it easy to separate the core and shell for verification.
3. The process of sterilization (after the palm fruit enters the sterilization tank, close the door of the sterilization tank quickly, open the exhaust valve under the sterilization tank, and then introduce saturated steam with a pressure of 3bar (temperature is about 145°C), and wait until the tank is cooled. After the air is basically discharged, close the exhaust valve and enter the cooking and sterilization stage. The sterilization time is generally 90 to 120 minutes. After the sterilization is completed, close the steam inlet valve, open the valve leading to the silencer, and drain the water and steam in the tank. Only after it is completely drained can you open the door of the sterilization tank and enter the next step.

The equipment list of sterilization station:

1.Vertical Steriliser c/w Hydraulic System
2.Steriliser Service Platform
3.Blow-off Silencer&Blow Down Chamber
4.Condensate Pit c/w 2 units Pump
5.Sterilizer Control System
6.SFB Incline Scraper Conveyor
7.SFB Distributing Scraper Conveyor

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