Palm oil is extracted through pressing, that is, the oil in the pulp is extracted through physical and mechanical extrusion. The palm oil processing process can be divided into the following six steps:

1. Cleaning: Clean the picked palm fruits to remove the sediment and impurities on the surface.

2. Sterilization: Fresh palm fruits are transported to a sterilization tank and sterilized using pressurized steam, and steam is introduced into the sterilization tank for high-temperature cooking. On the one hand, it can destroy the lipase in the pulp to prevent the free fatty acid content in the oil from increasing. On the other hand, high-temperature sterilization can soften the fruit and facilitate mechanical threshing.

3. Fruit removal: Send the sterilized palm fruit bunches into the shelling machine to separate the fruits and fruit bunches.
4. Crushing: Crash and beat the palm fruit to mash it, which is beneficial to the oil production of the palm fruit.

5. Pressing: The mashed palm fruit is transported to the oil press and pressed using physical external force to obtain palm crude oil. The oil residue and other impurities mixed in the palm crude oil are separated and filtered through the vibrating separation screen.

6. Refining: Palm oil is easily hydrolyzed to generate more free fatty acids, which causes the acid value of the oil to increase rapidly. Moreover, the oil also contains free fatty acids, proteins, pigments, odors and other impurities that affect the quality of the oil. The crude oil also needs to be refined. It is transported to refining equipment to separate impurities to obtain healthy palm oil for consumption.

After palm fruit is pressed, what is obtained is a mixture of palm core and fiber, in which the residual oil is very small, unlike the high residual oil rate of the pressed cake after pressing conventional oil. Moreover, the palm core can also be refined into palm kernel oil after further processing.

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