(1) The monitoring period for palm fruit in plantations is 7-14 days. After picking, the palm fruit bunches are transported to the processing factory within 24-48 hours for grading. The grading requirements are: randomly select 100 fruit bunches from each car and check the rawness of them. The proportion of fruits, under-ripe fruits, ripe fruits, over-ripe fruits, diseased fruits, empty fruit bunches, etc., the qualified proportions are: raw fruits: 0%; under-ripe fruits: <2%; ripe fruits: >90%; over-ripe fruits Fruit: <8%; empty fruit bunch: 0%; rotten fruit: 0%; long-stemmed fruit: <2%; small fruit bunch less than 3kg: 0%; diseased fruit: <2%; dura fruit: 0% .
(2) Sterilize the graded fresh fruit bunches. The sterilization process uses steam sterilization. The steam pressure is 0.3MPa, the temperature is 135°C, and the pressure holding time is 75 minutes.
3) Thresh the fresh fruit bunches obtained in step (2) with a drum thresher. The fallen palm fruits are collected by the conveyor under the thresher and transported to the digestion tank for digestion operation. The temperature of the digestion tank is 95°C and the rotation speed is 25 rpm. Digestion time is 20min.
(4) Squeeze the palm fruit obtained in step (3) in a screw press, filter the crude oil obtained by using a vibrating screen with a 20-mesh filter, and separate the crude oil from fibers, palm shells, impurities, etc. The separated crude oil is precipitated, the sludge is centrifuged to recover the oil, and finally the water and light dirt in the oil are separated.
(5) Dry the palm oil obtained in step (4) with a vacuum dryer, and the drying temperature is 75°C.
(6) Store the palm oil obtained in step (5) in a tank.

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