The cost of building a palm oil refinery includes many aspects, and the cost of palm oil refining machine is only one of the influencing factors. Take a midium-sized palm oil refinery for example, if you want to know the cost of building a medium-sized palm oil refinery, the following introduction may help you.

According to the construction plan of a medium-sized palm oil refinery, it can be divided into 3 stages:

Stage 1: Preparation stage

1. Construction cost of a medium-sized palm oil refinery

The price level in each country and region is different, which is mainly determined according to the actual local situation;

2. The cost of medium-sized palm oil refining equipment

Different palm oil refining machine and processes with different processing volumes will have different prices. The exact price of palm oil refining machine is calculated by the manufacturer of palm oil refining equipment. The supplier of palm oil refining machine will tailor-make palm oil refining equipment for you based on your processing volume, your budget and your choice of refining process. According to the different processing volumes of customers, the palm oil refining machine on the market can be roughly divided into: 1-20 tons/day small intermittent palm oil refining equipment, 20-50 tons/day medium-sized semi-continuous palm oil refining equipment and 50-1000 tons/day, large-scale fully continuous palm oil refining equipment, etc.;

3. The transportation cost of medium-sized palm oil refining machine

Once you purchase palm oil refining machine, you need to find a way to transport the palm oil refining equipment to your factory. The transportation cost is fluctuant, and the specific transportation cost needs to be specifically calculated.

Phase 2: Installation, commissioning and operation phase

1. Engineer salary cost

For the installation of medium-sized palm oil refineryt, the manufacturer will generally arrange engineers to guide the installation. The installation period is generally about 2 months. During this period, the customer needs to pay the engineer’s salary;

2. Worker salary cost

The installation process of medium-sized palm oil refining equipment requires the cooperation of local workers, that is, the workers’ salary cost.

Phase 3: Production cost

1. The cost of purchasing crude palm oil

If the customer has own palm oil pressing plant, he can directly refine the crude palm oil. If the customer does not have a palm oil pressing plant, he needs to buy it from the market, which will incur the cost of crude palm oil;

2. Transportation cost;

This is mainly the cost of transporting crude palm oil to the palm oil refinery;

3. Electricity, water, fuel costs, etc.;

The power of different palm oil refining machine is different, and the water and electricity consumption is also different. However, the specific cost of water, electricity and fuel, the palm oil refining machine manufacturer will provide you with specific consumption parameter information.

The above are the specific factors that affect the cost of building palm oil refinery. As a manufacturer and supplier of palm oil machine, we can provide you with the exact price of any-sized palm oil refining machine, but the cost of palm oil refinery still needs to be calculated by yourself. I hope the above content will be helpful to you.


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