First requirement is a suitable space to set up the plant.
This is where all the activities of the business will be taking place. However, some factors must be considered before choosing a location:the space should be close to the oil palm plantation, easily accessible with good terrain, and enough space for trucks that will convey the product.
The milling process requires large volumes of water, whether for washing the fruits and equipment or cooking them. Instead of depending on public water supply or buying water, the best option is to sink a borehole within the premises to ensure adequate water supply.
If you want to optimize palm of production in your mill, then you need the help of machines. The machines you need are those used for threshing, boiling, pressing and clarification.
Depending on manual labor will lead to inefficient and minimal output with the tendency of wastage. The production output will depend on the size of the mill.
Smaller mills will yield 1 tonne of palm oil a day whereas medium-sized or large ones can produce up to 10-100 tonnes per day.
Need to hire a mechanical engineer who will see to the maintenance of the production equipments.Huatai company set up many palm oil mill projects in Nigeria for customers, rich experience in palm oil machine making, any need please email to [email protected]