1. Palm kernel oil extraction process

Fiber & core mixture–fiber and shell separation (fiber and shell separator)–kernel shell separation (kernel shell separator)–crushing (crusher)–steaming (steaming wok)–pressing (palm kernel Oil press)–filter (plate and frame filter)–crude palm kernel oil

  1. List of Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Equipment
    Fiber and shell separator: used to separate fibers and palm kernels, which facilitates smooth palm kernel oil pressing process and improves pressing efficiency;
    Kernel shell separator: the palm kernel obtained after fiber separation needs to be transported to the kernel shell separator to separate the palm kernel from the shell;
    Crusher: The crusher can break the palm kernel into small pieces, increase the surface area of the palm kernel, and extract more palm kernel oil;
    Steaming and frying pan: adjust the temperature, humidity and internal structure of the palm kernel to make it reach a good state before pressing;
    Palm Kernel Oil Press: Palm kernel oil is extracted from palm kernels by mechanical extrusion;
    Plate and frame filter: After being filtered by a plate and frame filter, impurities in the crude oil are removed, and clearer palm kernel oil can be obtained.
    In addition, if you have higher requirements for oil products, you can add refining equipment to obtain refined palm oil and refined palm kernel oil.
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