Usually, after being picked from the palm trees, palm fruits should be used to make palm fruit oil within 48 hours. If it excesses 48 hours, palm fruits will start going bad, which will influence the flavour, quality and output of the final palm oil. What’s more, it will cause problems for the further processing section.

In addition, due to the influence of climate and weather in different places, the maturity and the completeness of the palm fruits, the condition of transporting, etc., the limits may be different, but certainly it would be better if the time is as short as possible.

To sum up, the fresher the palm fruits, the better the palm oil, so we should try our best to shorten the time of the palm fruit be kept before making it palm oil.

After select palm nuts with similar size, you should choose a set of machine to help you quickly crack and separate palm kernel and palm kernel shell. The engineers of Henan Huatai company has designed palm kernel cracking and separating system to help you quickly get pure and complete palm kernel.

The system includes crackers, cyclone separator, bucket elevators and other spare parts. If your budget is limited, you can consider buy a palm kernel cracker to crack palm nuts, and separate palm kernel and shell by labour.

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