The number of components of oily odor is very small, usually less than 0.01% of the total weight of oil. However, the loss in the palm oil deodorization process is much greater than the actual value. This is because, in most cases, the loss depends on the time of distillation deodorization, aeration rate, operating pressure and temperature, oil-free fatty acids and other factors. During the palm oil deodorization stripping process, a large amount of oil splashes out under the pressure of the stripping steam.

Therefore, all losses include deodorization distillation loss and splashing loss. Different oils, different equipment and under different operating conditions have different deodorization losses. With advanced palm oil refining machine and reasonable operation, the content of free fatty acids is less than 0.1% of fat. Under the operating pressure of 0.4kpa and 230-270℃, the general low deodorization loss is 0.2%-0.4%, and then the deodorized raw materials and the total loss of 1.05-1.2 times of free fatty acids, that is, deodorization.

Therefore, palm oil refining machine is very important. Only by choosing good palm oil processing machine can the loss be reduced. Huatai Oil Machinery can provide turnkey project palm oil production line, including palm oil press machine, palm oil refinery, palm oil fractionation machine. We has undertaken many palm oil mills all over the world, and has rice experience on building palm oil factory with great after-sales service. Welcome to consult palm oil refining machine and most issues of palm oil production process.


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