In the palm oil refining process, the deodorization process is a very important step. The palm oil deodorization process is a process of removing odorous substances by steam distillation under high temperature and high vacuum conditions, using the great difference in volatility between odorous substances and triglycerides in oils.

In industrial production, at 260℃ and 0.4kPa, except for the stirring of steam during heating and cooling, the intermittent deodorizer requires 2%-4% stripping steam, the continuous and semi-continuous shallow tray design requires 0.75%-1.5%, and the membrane system only needs 0.3%-0.6% steam.

The operating temperature during stripping deodorization process directly affects the steam consumption and the length of deodorization time. In general, the logarithm of the vapor pressure of fatty acids and odorous components is proportional to its absolute temperature. Under a certain vacuum degree, the vapor pressure of free fatty acids and odorous components in the oil increases with increasing temperature.

Parameters of deodorized palm oil

Quality grade Physically refined palm oil
Free fatty acids (%) 85-90
Tocopherol (%) 0.15-0.30
Sterols (%) 0.2-0.4
Triacosapentaene (%) 0.5-1.0
Neutral oil (%) 6-9
Distillate oil flow (%) 0.3-1.0


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