On August 25, 2023, Heilongjiang Nehe Beifeng Grain Industry and Trade Logistics Co., Ltd. ordered Huatai Group’s 200T/D soybean oil and 30T oil refining project to start shipping.
Soybean is one of the main crops planted in northern my country, and soybean oil processed from soybean oil is one of the important edible oils in my country. Since soybean oil is an oil crop with low oil content, the characteristics of the oil itself determine its production process. Compared with the oil extraction process, the extraction process is more selective.
The leaching method makes use of the property that the oil can be dissolved in an organic solvent to extract the oil in the soybean from the soybean meal, and the extracted crude oil is mainly used for food after refining and removing impurities. Extraction oil is usually a project with a large output, for example, a project with a daily output of more than 30 tons is more suitable for leaching oil. Compared with the pressing method, the leaching equipment has the following advantages:
1. High oil yield
Extraction equipment The extraction process can fully extract the oil in the oil, reduce the amount of residual oil in the cake, and increase the oil yield. The residual oil content of the oil cake after leaching is less than 1%, while the residual oil rate after pressing is about 6%~8%.
2. Cake quality is good
The operating temperature of the extraction process in each production process is low, so the remaining oily meal after oil extraction has a high protein content and good quality. It can be used as a raw material for the production of food and feed, with a higher utilization rate.
3. Low production cost
Oil extraction equipment is more suitable for large-scale production, solvent and recovery recycling. Compared with the production line of oil extraction equipment, it saves a lot of heat source costs such as coal and electricity, and the production cost is low.
4. High degree of automation
Compared with the pressing process, the automation control degree of the leaching equipment is higher. The leaching method is a combination of chemical production units, which is easy to realize automatic control of temperature, pressure, liquid level, vacuum, flow, and material level, and can realize large-scale production.
5. Good production environment
The production environment of leaching oil equipment is good. When the oil is leached, the oil is produced in a closed manner in the extractor. No leakage, no dust, low temperature. The production environment of the workshop is better than that of oil pressing and extrusion.

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