Huatai Group’s 100T palm oil refining and fractionation project was shipped to Congo (Kinshasa)
On August 23, 2023, an oil company in Congo (Kinshasa) ordered Huatai Group’s 100T palm oil refining and fractionation project and started shipping.
Palm oil is widely used in cooking and food manufacturing around the world. It is used as cooking oil, crunchy fat and margarine. Like other edible oils, palm oil is easily digested, absorbed, and promotes health. Palm oil is an important component of fat, mild in nature, and a good material for making food. From the perspective of the composition of palm oil, its high solid glycerin content keeps food stable from hydrogenation and effectively resists oxidation. Due to these properties of palm oil, it is very popular in the food industry.
Refining equipment is the main oil machinery and equipment to ensure the quality, grade and edible safety of oil in the processing process. In the process of oil refining, different oils use different processes. How to determine which process is used for oil? The choice of oil refining process can be Follow the four principles.
1. The selection of refining process should maximize the refining oil yield of oil. Reduce the loss in the refining process, and strive to improve the process. Adopt advanced technology and reliable equipment to achieve the highest oil yield. For example, in the production of salad oil, physical refining is used instead of chemical refining, each process pays attention to reducing the discharge of reactants, and recovers oil from waste as much as possible.
2. The main processes of oil refining include degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing and other processes. Manufacturers need to determine a reasonable combination of refining processes according to the type, nature, composition and grade indicators of crude oil.
For example, different types of palm oil refining: the process of palm oil for soap mainly focuses on decolorization and removal of beta carotene. During refining, crude oil is filtered, decolorized, and cooled to become refined oil.
Food-grade palm oil adopts a full refining process, which requires refining processes such as dephosphorization, deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization before obtaining refined oil.
3. The technological process of refining edible oil should be simple and reasonable, with few but advanced equipment, mechanized, continuous, high degree of automation in the production process, and low labor intensity.
4. The configuration adaptability of process and process equipment should be strong. Generally, a typical full refining process and a multi-purpose technical scheme of one machine are set. It is considered to be used in the production of multi-variety and multi-standard oil products.
Oil fractionation is to use the melting point and solubility difference of various triglycerides in the oil to divide the oil into solid and liquid parts at a certain temperature. According to the different properties of the separated components, it can meet the needs of different purposes. The oil fractionation process has been developed for more than 150 years. After nearly a hundred years of development, especially the rapid increase of palm oil production in the 1970s, the fractionation process and fractionation equipment have developed rapidly.
Methods of oil palm oil fractionation:
1. Conventional method fractionation cooling crystallization, solid-liquid separation;
2. Solvent method fractionation and cooling crystallization can reduce the viscosity of the mixed liquid at the same time, making it easy to crystallize, reducing the amount of liquid oil in the solid fat, and reducing the filtration resistance;
3. The surfactant method separates the active agent aqueous solution to wet the crystal solid fat, and separate the solid fat crystal from the liquid oil for easy separation;
4. The liquid-liquid extraction method uses a selective solvent to dissolve components with small molecular weight and high degree of unsaturation to separate them from other components;
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