What is fat fractionation? According to the differences in properties of various triglycerides, the process of classifying triglycerides with different properties is called oil fractionation. The purpose of oil fractionation: As a method of oil refining, the purpose of oil fractionation is to develop and utilize solid fats to obtain solid fats with a higher degree of saturation; to accelerate the low-temperature storage performance of liquid oils and obtain liquid oils with a lower degree of saturation . Oil fractionation methods: ①Conventional method for fractionation and cooling crystallization, solid-liquid separation ②Solvent method for fractionation and cooling crystallization can also reduce the viscosity of the mixed liquid, making it easy to crystallize, which can reduce the amount of liquid oil in the solid grease and reduce the filtration resistance, etc. . ③The surfactant method separates the active agent aqueous solution to moisten the crystallized solid fat and isolate the solid fat crystals from the liquid oil to facilitate separation. ④ Liquid-liquid extraction method uses a selective solvent to dissolve components with small molecular weight and high degree of unsaturation to separate them from other components.

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