Our Group company Chairman fly to South America to our 1000TPD soybean oil making complete production line,project site for a return visit.
The Company leader highly appreciated the technological advancement and equipment stability of Huatai Group. The person in charge of the company said: When signing the contract, Huatai Group promised to provide us with the most advanced soybean oil processing technology and equipment. Huatai Group did it. Now we are The most modern soybean oil factory in the country, with excellent oil meal indicators, colleagues from Bolivia and surrounding South American countries are competing to visit it. Moreover, the factory can now increase production to 1,200 tons/day without any problems. We are very fortunate to have chosen Huatai Group as our partner.
In 2011, the Bolivian company purchased a set of soybean oil refining equipment from Huatai Group with a daily processing capacity of 100 tons. It has been operating well for many years. After subsequent technical discussions between the two parties and the upgrading of some equipment, the production capacity increased by nearly 30% compared with the contracted capacity. In 2021, the company ordered 1,000 tons/day soybean bidding, leaching, and refining equipment from Huatai Group. It successfully commissioned a test run in early 2023 and has been operating production stably.
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