In the early stage of preparation for the establishment of the palm oil factory, the local market needs to be fully investigated.If you have to be successful in the business, you must do proper research on the palm oil business. Confirm the processing capacity of the palm oil factory you need, including factory construction funds, storage capital, and transportation and operating costs.

 The manufacturer of palm oil equipment can be inquired to preliminarily confirm the price of the product, consider the main marketing market, make a marketing plan, and find a suitable and guaranteed platform to sell palm oil.

Palm oil factory cost varies according to the processing capacity of the equipment and actual configuration and the size of palm oil factory. The cost of a small palm oil factory of 1-5 tons per hour machinery involved cover sterilizer, thresher, digester, double screw presser and filtering machine, and some supporting facilities, large scale palm oil production factory includes a raw material receiving section, sterilization section, fruit threshing section, digesting section, pressing section, filtering section. If you want to get the specific palm oil factory cost, welcome to contact us and our engineer will give detailed quotation based on your actual configuration.

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