What equipment is needed to start oil processing plant

Oil press equipment is usually purchased before certification. The oil press equipment needed to start a oil factory includes: cleaning equipment, pre-pressing equipment, oil press equipment, filter equipment, refining equipment. Users can configure appropriate oil press refining production line or complete oil press, complete refining equipment and auxiliary equipment according to different raw materials and processing capacity.What sanitary conditions are required to start a grease processing plant:

1. Environment of the oil factory: The oil processing plant shall be built in an area with dry terrain, convenient transportation and sufficient water sources, and the plant shall be far away from pollution sources. The goods in the factory shall be stacked neatly, and the production waste shall be stored away from the production workshop, and shall not be stored in the upper tuyere of the workshop.

2, workshop environment: workshop site should be hard, flat, drainage, ventilation; The workshop should have enough space to facilitate equipment installation, maintenance, material transportation and storage, and personnel traffic. ; It is necessary to have facilities for disinfection, prevention of four hazards, changing clothes, sewage discharge and waste storage. The ambient temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions of the workshop should meet the requirements of the production process and regulations.

Palm Kernel Oil Mill Introduction
Automatic double shaft palm kernel oil mill can squeeze out most of the oil from fresh palm kernel by the high mechanical pressure. Palm kernel oil extraction machine has a large processing capacity and high oil yield which is special for crushing palm kernels, it service life is three times higher than other ordinary oil press equipment.

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