Introduction of palm oil and palm kernel oil

Palm oil is squeezed from the palm fruit. Palm oil contains 40% -50% of saturated fatty acids, palmitic acid takes 80%, 38% -53% of oleic acid, 6% -11% of linoleic acid, in semi-solid at room temperature, with excellent oxidation stability. Palm oil has rich nutrients and antioxidant activity, which has a wide range of applications in food industry and chemical industry.

Currently, many countries in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa are planting palm trees. Palm fruits, after boiling, crushing, palm oil mill plant to obtain CPO (crude palm oil). Crude palm oil uses palm oil refinery to remove free fatty acid, natural pigments, odor, getting refined palm oil (RBD PO) and palm salad oil (RBD PKO). Palm oil fractionation can get different degrees different melting palm oil.

Palm kernel oil is extracted from palm kernel. Palm kernel oil is completely different from palm oil, containing much lower fatty acids.
Palm oil is widely used in cooking and food manufacturing.