Due to the policy of encouraging palm gardens in West Africa, more and more customers pay attention to palm oil equipment.
Our company’s palm oil production equipment includes three production lines:
+ Palm oil extraction production line.
+ Palm oil refining production line.
+ Palm oil fractionation production line.
The main function of palm oil extraction production line is to extract crude palm oil. The palm oil extraction line includes six main sections, palm fruit receiving section, fermenting section, peeling section, cooking section, pressing section and palm kernel recycling section.
Palm oil refining is used to provide the quality of crude palm oil. Refined palm oil is more popular in color and has no odor. Palm refining mainly includes four sections of degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization.
Palm fractionation mainly separates stearin and soft fat. At room temperature, palm oil is viscous. Fractionation increases the value of palm oil by processing it at controlled temperatures.

Henan Huatai supply different capacity palm oil processing line, palm kernel oil press, palm oil production line,5-200tph, our engineer will give you the best solution according to your needs.
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