The palm kernel is the inner nut / seed obtained from the palm fruit.

The palm kernel oil is mainly derived and recovered from the inner kernel of the oil palm fruit by pressing technology.

The palm kernel seeds are hard, tough and very intact. They contain around 35% to 45% of oil in them which is quite considerable.There are diverse applications for the usage pattern of the palm kernel oil. It is not restricted just for edible food purposes.

But the oil can also be utilized for various range of industries. We manufacture PALM KERNEL OIL EXPELLER MACHINES in the world. Two main products obtained after crushing of palm kernels is:Palm Kernel Oil: – Often regarded as PKO.Palm Kernel Cake: – Often regarded as PKC.
crude palm kernel oil press production line includes palm kernel →crush→extrude→cooking→oil press→crude palm kernel oil. If you are interested in the palm kernel oil press, contact us and we will provide you detail solution and  with best price. welcome email to [email protected]

palm kernel oil press