Palm oil mill wastewater treatment plan
Biochemical method, the biochemical method of palm oil production wastewater treatment is to use microorganisms to absorb part of the organic matter (including oil) as nutrients, convert it into organic components in the microorganisms or add value to new microorganisms, and the remaining part is oxidized and decomposed into simple inorganic substances by the microorganisms. or organic components, thereby purifying palm oil chemical wastewater.
For the treatment of high-concentration organic wastewater, you cannot just use a single treatment method. Usually, you need to choose multiple methods for comprehensive treatment to achieve the expected treatment effect.
Option 2: Air flotation method and dissolved air flotation machine are efficiently used to treat chemical wastewater in palm oil production. This method uses air or other waste gas to generate small bubbles in the water, causing some small floating oil droplets and solid particles in the water to attach to the bubbles, and float to the water surface with the bubbles to establish a scum (oil-containing foam layer), and then use a suitable skimmer to Skim off floating oil. This is a common method in oily chemical wastewater treatment.

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