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Palm oil waste water treatment

Processing steps

Palm phase oil is widely used in catering, food industry and oleochemical industry, and the wastewater brought by its production is a major factor causing environmental pollution.
This is very meaningful for the research of palm oil wastewater treatment process.
The main source of palm oil wastewater is the wastewater generated during the separation process of crude oil. The main pollutants are palm phase oil, pomace and water, among which COD and BOD
It is mainly composed of pulp starch, fiber, etc. during the pressing process. These substances can be removed through biochemical reactions in theory, and because of excessive oil
High, inhibits the normal growth of bacteria, is the processing-
A difficult problem, so the key to palm oil wastewater treatment is oil removal, as long as the oil is reduced to an acceptable
Domestically, waste water from palm oil processing raw hemp can be effectively treated by decomposing and removing it by certain means.
According to the characteristics of high oil content and high content of pollutants such as COD and BOD in palm phase oil wastewater, it must be pretreated to reduce the content of floating oil in the water as much as possible.
And the content of emulsified oil, to reduce the processing load for the subsequent process, and then through the biochemical process to decompose the oil in the palm oil water into small molecules, it can be
Through the subsequent process, the oil is removed. And Dan is in the process. COD and BOD in sewage can also be removed through biochemical reactions.
Due to the large difference in density between oil slicks (fields) and water, physical methods can be used to
Separate oil from water, and emulsified oil has a similar density to water, and the particle size of oil droplets
If the diameter is small, it must be demulsified to make the small oil droplets gather into large oil droplets, and then they can be separated from the water phase by physical and other means.
However, in biochemical treatment, if the oil is not in an emulsified state, since the oil is in the upper layer of the liquid, it has less chance of contacting the sludge and organisms in the reactor, and it is very difficult
Difficult to decompose through biochemical reactions. So the biochemical reaction is in the design
It must be able to absorb the suspended oil after physical and chemical treatment, and then undergo biochemical reactions for a long time
The design of retention in the device, so that through long-term retention and contact with creatures, there is a chance to be removed by Long. However, emulsified oil is finely distributed in water, so there is no
Clear phase boundaries, so organisms can come into direct contact with the emulsified oil and break it down.
Therefore, the palm oil wastewater treatment process chooses the combined process of grid + oil separation + air flotation + anaerobic acidification + aerobic biological treatment to achieve effective treatment of wastewater.


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