There are some aspects to influence palm oil mill plant costs.They are capaity, machine material, processing technology, automaticity, final product oil quality. As following:
1.Capacity. About palm oil mill plant, we have various of capacities,like 1tph, 2tph, 3tph,5tph….60tph, 120tph . The cost varies with capacities.

2.Machine material. About same capacity palm oil mill plant, we can use different material to manufacture, carbon steel and stainless steel are common. The cost of carbon steel is lower than that of stainless steel.

3.Processing technology, for same capacity palm oil mill plant, we can offer different types processing technology. Simple and easy processing technology and completed complicated processing technology are for your choices.

4.About automaticity, we have semi-continuous palm oil mill plant, also have fully continuous palm oil mill plant. The costs are different.

5.About final product oil quality. If you just want to get crude palm oil, so you just need palm oil pressing line. If you want to get refined palm oil, you need to add a refinery line. If you want to get RBD palm olein, besides palm oil pressing line and palm oil refinery line, you also need palm oil fractionation line. Which can cause different costs.

The aboves are main factors to influence palm oil mill plant cost directly.

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