palm oil for soap

Palm kernel oil, a major ingredient in all of our soaps contributes to our bars’ moisturizing, gentle, and long-lasting lather.Palm oil is easy to saponify and, like coconut oil, is one of the essential basic oils for making soap. Because the price is moderate, the soap is mild, and it can increase the hardness of the soap body, making the soap body less prone to softening and more solid and durable, palm oil accounts for a high proportion of the ingredients in mass-produced soaps on the market. Although it is not moisturizing, it will not cause skin dryness, so it is a very practical and indispensable oil for soap making. However, the disadvantage is that it is not easy to foam and there is not much foam, so it is usually used with coconut oil. In addition, because it is semi-solid at room temperature, it needs to be preheated to a liquid state when making cold process handmade soap.

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