Is refined palm oil a trans fatty acid? No, the important component of refined palm oil is saturated fatty acids. Refined palm oil is made from crude palm oil through a variety of processes, mainly removing free fatty acids, natural pigments, and odors. Its main use is as food oil. Palm oil is obtained by pressing the pulp of palm fruits from oil palm trees, and then refining and extracting it through a variety of processes, resulting in products with different melting points. Palm oil has been widely used in my country’s catering industry, food industry and oleochemical industry.
Palm oil is not a trans fatty acid. Trans-palmitoleic acid is a fatty acid found in milk, cheese, yogurt and butter. Palm oil is squeezed from the palm fruits of oil palm trees. The pulp and kernels produce palm oil and palm kernel oil respectively. The traditional concept of palm oil only includes the former. After palm oil is refined and fractionated, products with different melting points can be obtained.
Saturated fatty acids come from coconut oil, palm oil and animal fats; trans fatty acids are mainly found in foods such as margarine and donuts. Saturated fatty acids refer to fatty acids that do not contain double bonds; trans fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids occur naturally; trans fatty acids are mostly synthetic.

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