Palm oil refining application scenarios
Industrial applications: Palm oil can be used industrially to make soaps, lubricants, coatings and other products.
Food applications: Palm oil can be used as a substitute for edible oil in food processing and is used in cooking and making pastries and other foods.
Medicinal applications: Palm oil has certain medicinal value and can treat diseases such as constipation and cough.
future outlook
With the continuous development of science and technology, the palm oil refining process will continue to be improved and perfected. The following developments may occur in the future:
Application of new technologies: For example, new technologies such as supercritical fluid extraction technology and bioengineering technology will be applied in palm oil refining to improve production efficiency and product quality.
Comprehensive utilization of by-products: By-products such as residue generated during palm oil refining can be further developed and utilized, for example, used to manufacture biofuels and other products to improve resource utilization.
Green and environmental protection: The future palm oil refining process will pay more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, such as using environmentally friendly processing aids and reducing waste emissions.
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