The quality of refined palm oil not only depends on the quality of crude palm oil, the quality of palm oil oil refining machine, palm oil refining process, and the proficiency of workers, but also depends on the control of temperature, moisture, light and rays, oxygen, and catalysts.

1. Temperature

Temperature is an important factor affecting the speed of chemical reactions. For general chemical reactions, the reaction rate approximately doubles for every 10°C increase in temperature; temperature also plays an important role in the oxidation rate of oils.

2. Moisture

It will cause and promote the spoilage of hydrophilic substances (such as phospholipids, enzymes, microorganisms, etc.), strengthen the activity of enzymes, facilitate the reproduction of microorganisms, lead to hydrolysis and rancidity, and increase the generation of oil peroxides.


3. Light and rays

Light, especially ultraviolet light, can promote the oxidation of oils. This is due to photooxidation, which can decompose trace amounts of hydroperoxides in oil and fat, generate free radicals, and enter into a chain reaction, accelerating the oxidation of oil and fat. High-energy rays (β-, γ-rays) irradiating food can significantly increase the susceptibility to oxidative rancidity. This phenomenon is usually explained as the generation of free radicals induced by radiation energy.

4. Oxygen

The auto-oxidation and polymerization process is a process in which grease reacts with oxygen. The amount of oxygen absorbed during the auto-oxidation and polymerization process gradually increases. In general, the greater the concentration of oxygen, the faster the oxidation rate. In the storage container, the greater the partial pressure of oxygen, the faster the oxidation proceeds.

5. Catalyst

There are many oxidation-promoting substances and trace metals in oils, especially variable-price metals, which have a significant impact. They are powerful catalysts for automatic oxidative rancidity of oils. Due to their presence, the induction period of oil oxidation is greatly shortened and the oxidation reaction is accelerated speed.

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