Ghana is ideal for starting a palm oil processing plant. Opening a palm oil processing plant requires not only palm fruit raw materials, but also mature palm oil processing technology. Ghana is undoubtedly the most suitable place to open a palm oil processing plant in terms of its rich palm fruit raw materials, huge palm oil demand and mature palm oil crushing process, or in terms of low competition environment and government policy support one of the countries.
Ghana is the eighth largest palm fruit producer in the world with a total production of 2.65 million tonnes. Ghana is located in West Africa, close to the equator, with high temperature and abundant sunshine throughout the year. This climate is suitable for the growth of palm fruit. Therefore, Ghana has many large-scale palm fruit plantations, which provide a rich raw material base for opening palm oil processing plants in Ghana.
Due to insufficient production, Ghana imports about 52,000 tons of palm oil every year to meet market demand, especially in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and body wash industries. In 2021, the global palm oil consumption will be 73.743 million tons, and as of August 2022, the global palm oil consumption will be 76.422 million tons. It can be seen that the demand for palm oil is not only in short supply in Ghana, but the international demand is also increasing year by year. Therefore, setting up a palm oil processing plant in Ghana is easy to sell.
The palm oil pressing process originated in Africa, and was later introduced to Southeast Asia, where it gradually developed and matured. After long-term research and exploration, Southeast Asia has formed a set of relatively mature palm oil pressing technology specifically for the characteristics of palm oil pressing. The palm oil pressing production line of Guorui Oil & Grease is improved on the basis of the palm oil pressing process in Southeast Asia, and after many tests, the palm oil production line equipment can ensure the integrity of the palm kernel while maintaining a low residual oil rate.

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