palm oil soap making, Oil that can make hard soap that is not easily melted and deformed.
Palm oil is pressed from the bright red pulp of the palm. According to whether it has been decolorized and refined, it can be divided into red (red palm oil) and white (white palm oil).
Soap is mainly made of decolorized and refined white palm oil. The melting point is about 24 degrees, and it contains 40% palmitic acid, which can make hard and non-deformable soap. There is no ability to make big foam at all.
Only 10% of the total oil is required to produce hardness and prevent melting and deformation. Therefore, 10% of palm oil is added to Marseille soap. It has no special effect on the skin.
Red palm oil that has not been decolorized and refined is rich in natural carotene and vitamin E. It has “helps repair wounds or rough skin” that white palm oil does not have. It is very effective for the skin and can be used for injuries. Soaps for pimples or rough skin, as well as oily skin, are also helpful. The finished soap is a beautiful orange color with carotene and has a carrot scent.
If more than 60% red palm oil is blended, it will be stained when rubbed on a towel during use. This is the color of natural carotene, which is beneficial to the skin and can be washed off, so don’t worry. Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery CO.,Ltd supply palm oil production, palm oil soap making, palm kernel oil processing, any need please email to [email protected]