Palm oil refining machine

Crude oil is refined and fractionated to obtain high quality oil. Fractionation can separate palmitate and stearin. Palm oil fractionation can obtain palm oil products with different melting points such as 8 degrees, 10 degrees, 14 degrees, 18 degrees, 24 degrees, 33 degrees, 44 degrees, 55 degrees, etc.

Crude Oil Filtration for Palm Oil Refining Machines

Raise the temperature of the crude oil to 30-32°C, and stir at a speed of 60 r/min to remove air bubbles in the oil. Add 0.1% to 0.2% phosphoric acid (0.5% industrial phosphoric acid by mass fraction) in oil and stir for about 30 minutes.

Degumming of Palm Oil Refining Machines

Crude palm oil generally does not undergo degumming treatment alone. Although the phosphorus content is relatively low (generally less than 20PPM), it is best to add 0.05% phosphoric acid for degumming before decolorization, which helps to improve the stability and durability of the refined oil. Fried.

Alkali neutralization (selected when using the configuration of alkali refining neutralization process)

Alkali refining is carried out with 160 degrees Baume, liquid caustic soda with a quality of 1.5% of oil quality and liquid sodium hydroxide with 0.5% of oil quality. First stir rapidly (60 r/min) for 10-15 min, then stir slowly (27 r/min) for 40 min.

Static precipitation

Neutralize and stir slowly for 40 minutes, then raise the temperature to 50-52°C, continue stirring at a slow speed for about 10 minutes, stop stirring after the oil and soap are separated, and turn off the indirect steam. Let it settle for about 6 h, and then separate the oil and soap.

Water washing of palm oil refining machines

Warm up the clean oil after soapstock separation to 85°C with stirring, and then add saline-alkali water (containing 0.4% caustic soda and 0.4% industrial salt) with 15% oil quality and a temperature of 90°C. After adding water, the stirring was stopped, and the lower layer of wastewater could be released after standing for 30 min. After the waste water is exhausted, the oil temperature is still controlled at 35°C, and then sprayed with 15% boiling water (clear water). Also stop stirring after adding water, let stand for 0.5 h and then release the lower layer of wastewater. So wash 2 or 3 times.

Decolorization of palm oil refining machine: Chromosomes are mainly various carotenoids and chlorophyll. The above compounds form colored products after oxidation. In addition, the interaction between chromatophores and oxidized oil often makes the oil brown. These chromoplasts and their oxidation products can be removed by a decolorization process.

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