Palm is a perennial oil crop that grows in tropical areas and has the advantages of high yield and low cost. Palm oil is one of the vegetable oils with the largest production and consumption in the world. It is widely used in bulk food processing, edible cooking and biodiesel production. Huatai Intelligent Equipment Group has obtained 9 national patents in palm oil equipment, including a vertical palm fruit sterilization tank (ZL 2016 2 0745156.7), a palm fruit shaftless drum thresher (ZL 2018 2 1627204.8), a palm fruit Oil production complete equipment (ZL 2019 2 0866343.4), palm oil sand removal brake device (ZL 2019 2 0866342.X), automatic control palm fruit vertical sterilization tank (ZL 2019 2 0866341.5), a special palm fruit Oil press (ZL 2020 2 0239333.0), a palm fruit drying and de-fruiting complete equipment (ZL 2019 2 0866320.3), a palm fruit oil press (ZL 2020 2 2421126.X), a palm core crusher ( ZL 2020 2 2421113.2) etc.
Huatai can manufacture 10-35 cubic vertical sterilizers, 2.7m diameter horizontal sterilizers, 2.4m-2.7m diameter chain horizontal sterilizers and tilted sterilizers. In terms of automatic control of sterilization tanks: the automatic control of palm fruit vertical sterilization tanks (ZL 2019 2 0866341.5) has novel and unique design ideas, is safe and reliable, and saves steam consumption. The fully automatic fermentation process control system saves labor and ensures the fermentation of materials. As a result, the system operates smoothly.
5-30TPH shaftless fruit threshing machine. The shaftless fruit threshing machine is cheaper than conventional fruit threshing machines and runs smoothly, improving the fruit threshing efficiency.

Huatai’s patented palm fruit oil press has a processing capacity of 2-20TPH. This series of products is fully automatically controlled by PLC. The hydraulic system controls the cake discharging, which effectively reduces the residual oil in the cake and the core crushing rate. The spiral body and pressing cage are strong and have high service life. long, the equipment operates stably.Huatai Machinery is a China leading palm oi processing machine manufacrtuer and supplier, offering the factory price equipmnet and palm oil production process design at low cost, have setup mutiple palm oi mill projects with customized production process in Africa, do you want to start palm oil plant business? any need please email to [email protected]