Palm oil fractionation steps Heating, The palm oil is heated by a steam heater to destroy the existing crystals and the later crystallization effect is better in this way.Crystal forming

The part is to form crystal by cooling the heated palm oil. The machine used is crystallization tank. By adding cooling water, the palm oil is lowered to the specified temperature, so that the solid oil is precipitated as crystals. Filtering The palm oil is transported into a membrane filter to separate palm olein and palm stearin. At this point, the palm oil fractionation is completed.

In the palm oil fractionation machine of Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Company, the hot and cold water can be recycled, reducing waste of resources. The membrane filter used in the filtration process has better filtering effect than the plate filter and leaf filter, and can better separate the palm olein, palm stearin.

Palm oil fractionation equipment means that palm oil is divided into two parts by controlling the cooling and crystallization process of palm oil, low melting point liquid phase (soft fat) and high melting point solid phase (stearin). Due to different geographical locations, different countries have different temperature requirements for palm oil fractionation. There are three common palm oil fractionation temperatures: 18°C, 24°C and 36°C.

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