Palm nut shell separation system prototype
Palm nut shell separation system equipment composition:
The complete equipment of palm kernel shell separation system consists of palm kernel shelling machine, bucket elevator, air shutoff device, air separator, air net, high-pressure centrifugal fan, electrical cabinet, frequency converter, rack and other equipment.
Operation process of palm nut shell separation system:
When the palm nut shell is separated, the fiber-separated palm nut core is first transported into the palm kernel shelling machine. After peeling, the shell on the core cracks and falls off, while the palm kernel remains intact. If the palm kernels are of uneven size, you can also equip them with a kernel grading screen to separate the large and small kernels so that the shelling effect is better.
After shelling, the kernel shell mixture enters the air separator through the bucket elevator for air separation. The air separator uses the difference in suspension speed between kernels and shells to separate kernels and shells. After the kernel shell is separated, the kernel contains shell <5%; the shell contains kernel <5%.
Features of palm nut shell separation system:
1. Using air separation method, it is efficient and pollution-free.
2. Compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
3. Small footprint and low investment cost.

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