Oilseeds preparation aims to transform oilseeds into high quality flakes, or extruded oilseeds, or pressed cakes desirable for optimal extraction. Huatai provides targeted oilseed preparation processes (cleaning, cracking, dehulling, conditioning/cooking, flaking, expanding, crushing, pelletizing, and so on) based on different properties of different oilseeds and clients’ individual requirements.
Huatai also provides equipment and technical solutions for meal classification and grinding and adjustment of meal protein content. Huatai oilseeds preparation solutions give full consideration of environmental protection needs, which include dust emission control, heat recovery, minimizing energy consumption, high integration of automation and process, reducing labor intensity, and stable parameters of final products.We can provide:100-10,000TPD Soybean preparation plant,100-3,000TPD Palm fruit/Palm kernel pre-pressing,50-100TPD Palm kernel processing plant,

100-300TPD Palm oil refining plant. In addition, we also provide other oilseeds preparation plant, including coconut, linseed, niger seed, copra etc. any need please email to [email protected]