About Palm Oil Cholesterol

Palm oil has the same high temperature resistance as animal oil, but it does not contain cholesterol, so it is really hard to say that palm oil is harmful to the human body

Palm oil does not contain cholesterol. But does it have no effect on human cholesterol? In fact, the cholesterol eaten in the diet will go directly to the liver for various metabolisms. It is the cholesterol in the blood vessels that causes cardiovascular problems. Where does cholesterol in the blood come from? synthesized by the liver. The precursor of cholesterol synthesized by the liver is not the cholesterol in the diet, but the saturated fatty acid in the diet, yes, it is the main component in palm oil. Therefore, although palm oil does not contain cholesterol, eating too much palm oil can lead to elevated blood cholesterol! In fact, a large part of palm oil’s health hazards comes from its converted cholesterol. This is why the latest 2015 American Dietary Guidelines no longer limit dietary cholesterol intake, but still recommend less intake of saturated fat. Therefore, for the sake of health, palm oil and fried foods containing palm oil should be eaten as little as possible.

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