Small scale oil refining plant Introduction:

Our small scale oil refinery plant are great choice for small capacity oil refinery machine.The small scale oil refinery production plant can remove phospholipids, FFA, pigment, gums, waxes, off-flavor and other impurities in the oil.Small scale oil refining plant process flow:
Crude oil—–Degumming—–Neutralizing—–Decolorizing—–Deodorizing—–Edible oil

Small scale oil refining plant featured advantages:
◆This unit belongs to intermittent refining, with large and medium-sized batch refining equipment all the features, better than large and medium refining equipment,
◆The almighty one set of machine, easy to transport, small footprint, low operating personnel, energy conservation.
◆The set of small sets of oil refining edible oil equipment unit equipment by experts carefully designed and manufactured for various press hair oil, hair oil extraction outside the product oil, refined processed through this unit to improve oil quality and production of finished eating oil can meet the quality requirements of national standard grade cooking oil.

Type: Crude oil refinery plant

Processing Capacity: 1 ~ 5T / D

Processing Material: palm oil,palm kernel oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, corn germ oil, animal oil etc.