Crude Palm Oil: Each fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) consist many of these individual fruits. Crude palm oil is extracted from the flesh of these small fruits. The central nut or kernel can be separated and applied for extracting palm kernel oil.

Palm Kernel Oil: The palm kernel getting from the extraction of palm oil will be collected for making palm kernel oil. Palm kernel expeller or cake is the main by-product of palm kernel processing line.

You have the opportunity to carefully select which type refining process you want to specialize in. There are three common types of edible oil refining process: batch oil, semi-continuous oil, and continuous oil. Each type of refining process can determine the exact size and detailing process of the refinery plant.

This line is specifically for large-scale palm oil refinery. It operates automatically with the refinement of the oils with the utmost efficacy. lts daily capacity stands at over 30TPD.

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