Palm oil is a commonly used edible oil in Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Liberia, and Congo, so palm oil production equipment is very popular there. Henan Huatai Company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of palm oil equipment. We can not only produce palm oil production equipment, but also produce palm kernel oil production equipment. Our complete set of palm kernel oil production equipment mainly includes: palm kernel oil pressing production line, palm kernel oil refining production line and palm kernel oil fractionation production line.
Working process of palm kernel oil pressing production line:
(1) Palm kernel cleaning: Palm kernel cleaning equipment is mainly used to remove iron wire, stone, fiber and other impurities in palm kernel. These impurities are easy to damage the machine, especially the palm kernel oil press;
(2) Palm kernel crushing equipment: Palm kernels generally need to be crushed twice, one crushing: because the palm kernel is relatively large and hard, in order to better improve the oil yield, it needs to be crushed first. Secondary crushing: mainly to break the palm kernel into small pieces for easy oil extraction.
(3) Palm kernel shell separation equipment: both wet separation and dry separation are available. Which separation method to use mainly depends on the processing capacity of palm kernels, the cleanliness of separation, and the customer’s financial situation;
(4) Palm kernel drying equipment: Fresh palm kernels contain 20% moisture, and the moisture content of palm kernels must be reduced to less than 7% in order to store them;
(5) Palm kernel steaming and frying equipment: Mainly through heating and steaming and frying, the palm kernel can achieve good oil production conditions, so that more high-quality palm kernel oil can be obtained;
(6) Palm kernel oil press equipment: The palm kernel oil press is the same as the conventional oil press and can be used in general. Through pressing, we can get crude palm kernel oil.
(7) Palm kernel oil filtration equipment: Crude palm kernel oil contains a lot of impurities, and palm kernel oil filtration equipment can enable us to obtain higher quality palm kernel oil.
The refining process of palm kernel oil is the same as that of other oil crops. It is mainly divided into 4 steps: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. Normally, according to the different processing capacity and customer requirements, refining equipment can be divided into: batch refining equipment, semi-continuous refining equipment, and full continuous refining equipment. Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery CO.,Ltd supply different capacity palm oil press, palm kernel oil press, palm kernel oil processing, any need please email to [email protected]