The main aim of edible oil refining is to make the oil suitable for human consumption. This involves making the oil flavorless, odorless, change in color, change in the crystal habit, rearrangement of their molecular structure and to make the extracted or mechanically pressed oil suitable as per our requirements.

Another reason for the vegetable oil refining is to obtain triglycerides with high yield and purity, and to produce value added co-products from processing stages like Degumming, Neutralization, Bleaching, Dewaxing/Winterization and Deodorization.

Crude vegetable oil and fats obtained after rendering, crushing or solvent extraction contain variable amounts of unwanted components such as free fatty acids (FFA), mono and di-glycerides, phosphatides (gums), sterols, tocopherols, hydrocarbons, pigments, vitamins, glucosides, glycolipids, protein fragments, traces of pesticides and trace metals. Oil refining process removes these unwanted constituents without damaging glycerides and with minimum loss of desired constituents, which in turn improves flavor, odor, color and stability.

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