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Palm oil refining and decolorization process

Palm oil refining and decolorization process
At present, the most commonly used method for oil decolorization is the activated clay adsorption decolorization method, which uses clay, a substance with strong selective adsorption, to dissolve pigments dissolved in oil or dispersed in oil into colloidal particles under certain conditions. Pigments and other impurities are removed.
Main process flow: raw oil – measurement – premixing – heating – decolorization – filtration – primary essential oil – safety filtration – decolorization oil
5. Palm oil refining and deodorization process
Deodorizing is a very important step. The deodorization temperature should be 230~250℃. The residual vacuum pressure is 6~8MmHg. In order to prevent oxidation, degassing and direct steam should be carried out before entering the tower to improve the deodorization effect. The recovery of thermal energy can be achieved through heat exchange between cold oil and hot oil.

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